One lesson projects

A memory cushion from baby clothes. This may take more than one session though. If you fancy having a go then please bring along a selection of baby clothes, a scrap of fabric (old sheet etc) for the support fabric, matching thread, buttons, 10-15 cm strip of velcro or a 30cm zip to use to fasten.


Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to get started. Please ask if you need any more. You might also want to find others on Pinterest.


A simple quilted case for holding basic sewing equipment. You will need:

  • Two 6″ x 10″ or larger pieces of fabric, one for the outside of the case and one for the inside/needle minder
  • One 6″ x 10″ or larger scrap of thin batting
A simple memory bear could be made in one session. You will need a used babygrow or similar, matching thread, polyester stuffing, a few trims (although not essential)

1.8 metres (1 metre for shorts) of lightweight woven cotton/ cotton mix fabric (115cm or wider fabric), matching thread, 1 metre twill weave tape, ribbon (2-3cm wide) or 2-3cm wide elastic.

You will need fleecefabric; 

Fabric requirements for 150-160cm wide fabric:

50cm for top band

1 metre for main blanket OR 1.3 metres for an older child

50cm for the tail

Matching thread

This tunic tee top can be made in many different ways. This uses a soft flowing woven fabric, you would need 1.8 metres of 115cm wide fabric or 0.9m of 150cm wide fabric. If you feel brave enough you might even like to try a jersey fabric. Matching thread needed.

  • 50cm outside fabric
  • 50cm lining fabric
  • matching thread
  • Polyester stuffing (from an old cushion will be fine)
  • 300g rice (to weight it down)
  • 50cm boning or flexible curtain wire or similar


You will need: fabric (approximately 1 metre) 2 buttons 1.2cm wide elastic, to fit child’s waist Matching thread