Projects using a commercial pattern

If you fancy the idea of looking for a commercial pattern then of course there is lots of choice. If you are a complete beginner then this is probably not the best starting place until you have received some guidance. Commercial patterns are quite pricey but are often on special offer, I will be offering some reduced priced patterns too. You might want to choose one that you know could be appealing if made in different fabrics so would be used over and over again.

Choose a pattern that you feel comfortable with making, most patterns give an indication of skill level needed. Another indication will be the number of pieces in the garment, the more pieces the more there is to do!

Use the information given on the back of the pattern envelope to guide you with fabric choices and the sewing notions required (i.e. zips, buttons etc that are required to complete the garment). I would advise against using very flimsy or stretchy fabrics at first as these are much harder to handle. As you grow in confidence you will be able to make wise choices of your own that will make your garments quite unique. Staff in fabric shops will always be willing to give you advice and guidance so don’t be afraid to ask!