Beginner’s workshop

Dates: 24th September 2022

(Typically held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. These will be repeated periodically throughout the year, please get in touch to register your interest)

Venue: Youth in Romsey (map).

Time: 10am – 3pm

Cost: £30


This is an opportunity to for absolute beginners and those who lack confidence with a sewing machine to learn basic skills. You will make a tote bag, similar to those below. either for shopping or to carry work, school or college items (you can decide on the size). Details of what to bring are further down, however, if you have any questions then please ask.

To Book

Please email Jan G: or call 07753261300 to book a place and for payment details.

Payment and refund policy

A £10 deposit is required to secure your place and is non refundable should you wish to cancel. Please make full payment of £30 by Saturday 17th September 2022 (or one week before the workshop), and note it is non refundable after this time. Failure to make full payment by this date will mean your place is offered on. However, you may transfer your booking onto another person at anytime before the workshop date. In the unlikely event there are insufficient bookings for the course to be viable I will notify you by Thursday 22nd September (or 2 days prior to the workshop) and refund all course fees immediately.

Class size: 8

Skills you will learn:

Basic skills that can be used in most sewing projects.

  • Brief understanding of how the machine works
  • Adjusting of tension
  • Threading of the sewing machine
  • Selecting stitches
  • Sewing accurately in straight lines
  • use of zig zag to create an appliqué
  • Use of woven fabric
  • Cutting out a project
  • sewing a hem
  • sewing a plain seam
  • neatening edges
  • making a pocket
  • creating a strap and sewing it on
  • creating a lining
  • Clipping and turning through
  • Top stitching
  • Using the iron for a professional finish.

What to bring:

I will have some packs of everything you need to make the bag, the charge for these is £7. If you wish to choose the fabric and design of your bag to make it more individual then the following is required.

Fabric- This can be new or something you are want to upcycle. I’ve given the actual size of the pieces so you can mix and match fabrics as you like. Cotton based woven furnishing fabrics are an excellent choice for their strength but of course other fabrics are suitable too.

Outer upper part of bag – 30cm of either 115cms wide or 150cms wide fabric (actual size of pieces required 2 pieces 53 x 30 cm).

Contrasting lining fabric– This should be more lightweight, you may want to consider its’ stain resistance.

50cm of either 115cms wide or 150cms wide fabric fabric (actual size of pieces required 2 pieces 53 x 50 cm)..

Fabric for base and straps –This needs to be durable so could be something a bit thicker, denim fabric could be a good choice or canvas type.

40cm of either 115cms wide or 150cms wide fabric fabric (actual size of pieces for base are 2 pieces 53 x 23 cm and for straps 2 pieces 100 x 8cm).

Pocket – Can be cut from remaining fabric above but if you wish to use a different fabric the size is 20 x 20cm on small bag.

Matching or a contrasting colour thread.


If you wish to use webbing for the straps instead of fabric you will need 2m of 3cm wide woven webbing., I have plenty of black webbing which I’m happy to provide free of charge.

These are suggestions, if you wish to vary the size of the bag or length of the straps, then we can work with the size you require.

If your fabric is a bit flimsy you can stiffen it using iron on interfacing. You will need 50 cms.

Sewing machine if you have one – I have some to use but it makes sense to become familiar with your own.

Sewing equipment – I bring everything we will need but you might like to bring basic sewing things you have. Suggestions can be found here.

Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided but please bring your lunch.